Mobile Browsing to Reshape Desktop Designs in 2017

Mobile marketing isn’t new, and it isn’t going away. All the studies indicate that mobile is taking over, so as a web designer offering web design services in Georgetown, Texas, to business owners and political campaigns I feel compelled to keep up with what’s happening when it comes to designing trends.

If you are one of those slow moving folks who still doesn’t have a website, you better put mobile at the top of your list when you get started. Most people access websites on their cell phones, pure and simple.

If your site doesn’t measure up people will simply move on. It’s that simple.

And if you have a site, but it’s ancient, time to think about a redesign for sure, to include mobile marketing efforts.

Here are some thoughts on the subject from people other than us:

Mobile Browsing to Reshape Desktop Designs in 2017

Increased cohesion between desktop and mobile devices has not only made online services accessible to more people, it has changed the face of the internet forever. For every tech innovation that comes out, web designers have to find new and inventive ways to show it off in the best light. We’re now more attached to the internet than ever. In 2015, Americans spent, on average, nine hours each day interacting with digital media. This means that the days when a company could throw together a sit…
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Why Site Speed & Design Can Make Or Break Your Google Ranking

People have a short attention span online and expect quick results. They want websites that load quickly and without any problems. Surveys conducted by Google indicate that internet users expect websites to load within three to four seconds. If sites takes longer than that, users are more likely to turn towards the competition. In fact, 40 percent of users are likely to abandon a site if it doesn’t load within three seconds ore less . For e-commerce businesses, that can mean leaving a lot of potential sales on the table. Google understands the importance of speed, so it ranks websites that load quickly, high on search engine results pages…..
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CSS is Awesome

One rule of thumb for mitigating this is, never be more explicit than you need to be. Web pages are responsive by default. Writing good CSS means leveraging that fact instead of overriding it. Use percentages or viewport units instead of a media query if possible. Use min-width instead of width where you can. Think in terms of rules, in terms of what you really mean to say, instead of just adding properties until things look right. Try to get a feel for how the browser resolves layout and sizing, and make your changes and additions on top of that judiciously. Work with CSS, instead of against it….
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And if you want to see just how far we’ve come I found this page that really brought me back. You will likely feel the same way. It shows how very far we’ve come in web designing in the last 20 or so years:

What 25 popular websites used to look like

What did LinkedIn look like the first time you visited the site in 2003? How ugly was Yahoo in 1994? We found the earliest versions of some of the most visited websites today, like Facebook, Google, and Buzzfeed. Here’s what the sites looked like then, and what they look like now. Web design has come a long way — oh, and the ads have gotten a lot more in-your-face….
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But if you like your old site, you might be in luck. Look at this new trends:

The Latest in Web Design? Retro Websites Inspired by the ’90s

Web designs have come a long way in 20 years, but some are taking a step back to evoke a sort of hipster nostalgia for the early days of the internet. “They’re tipping their hat to the 1990s,” said David Lee, the chief creative officer of Squarespace, a web platform company based in New York that has created millions of websites for clients. Mr. Lee said that he has seen a recent uptick in what he calls an “anti-design brutalism,” with clients opting for more bare-bones, retro-looking sites…
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