2nd Quarter Prime Time For Press Releases

If you are worried that the year is getting away from you, don’t. You have plenty of time to market with press releases or on any other channel.

Search marketing is still very beneficial and there are great opportunities in mobile search as well. Press release distribution services can help you get the word out about your company news, event or new products and has the added benefit of landing you on the front page of Google in many instances, making press releases a good tool for seo as well. Below are some resources we hope you find helpful:

Business Marketing Tip: 2nd Quarter = Prime Timing For PR

As the year moves forward, many businesses and entrepreneurs continue to tweak marketing plans and budgets for the months ahead. When it comes to setting up your PR/media exposure plan, WHEN you launch your campaign can be just as important to what and how you launch.
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How To Promote Your Business With Public Relations
Public relations is often the best way to initially promote your business. Here is what’s entailed and how your business can succeed while using it.
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The Benefits Of A Press Release
A press release is a written or recorded information piece that a company or agency shares as a news-worthy item with the media. In other words, when a company or an expert has something worth talking about, then they create an article in which they mention the important aspects of that topic. The media may pick this story up and share it through various channels of communication for the benefit of readers.
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Press Release Writing – A Most Neglected Marketing Tool
Irrespective of how large your business could be, or whatever niche of the market it runs in, as well as whatever product or services it markets, it ought to consistently remain in touch with everyone. Even if the company has a big pool of dependable and also steadfast customers, it is nevertheless bound ever so often, to educate them regarding the current developments in the business.
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