Video Marketing Services Georgetown Texas – Gibson Girls

Video marketing has exploded – but you don’t need me to tell you that. You’re a savvy business owner. You know video has to be part of your marketing mix, and you’re looking for a way to do that without breaking the bank or learning tons of techy video stuff.

If you’re like me you just want to get it done, but you want it done right. And you probably don’t want to get on camera.

Lucky for you we have many video marketing options to meet your needs at Gibson Girls.

Rent & Rank Videos

First up – our Rent & Rank videos. These couldn’t be easier. Click the link to rent a video or a whole playlist of videos. We’ll change the links and content to point to your site, your phone number, business name and address. And, just like that, instant video campaign.

(Click here for our current inventory. Request a niche or locale if we haven’t gotten to yours yet.)

Local Custom Bumper Videos

Next up – Custom Bumper Videos. Our stock footage with your custom intro and outro. We can do great things with your logo for an intro or provide your own so all your videos will be branded.

Slide Show Videos

Or, instead of using our stock footage, use our script or your own with a slide show and a custom intro and outro. Our slideshows are very professional. (You can take a quick peek here if you want to see a sample.)

Custom Videos

And if you want to go full on video marketing with a fully custom video, we can do that, too! We offer hand drawn videos, headshots, news thirds and all sorts of other styled videos to meet your needs.

Other marketing agencies ask you to trust that they know how to rank your video or website, but you can see proof that we know how to help your business by going to google and searching for local services like the ones listed HERE to see that we do indeed know how to rank.

The choice is yours. Choose an option above to get started today.

Gibson Girls Marketing is a marketing agency located in Georgetown, Texas, just outside of Austin. We specialize in helping local businesses get traffic to their website.