Social media marketing is an absolute must for your Georgetown, Texas, business. You can’t ignore it any longer. In addition to the ability to drive traffic and help your customers get to know, like and trust you, it can help with search engine optimization efforts as well.

Social Media Marketing Georgetown TX

You may want to consider social media marketing services to handle this for you as it does take quite a bit of time, not just to create social network site profiles, but to plan and create content as well as posting, comments and responding in these networks. I know a really good agency that offers help with this, nudge, nudge, if you are looking for some help.

Whether you use agencies, hire managers or use software, you will need help, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get started on your own. Gibson Girls Marketing believes that small business owners can and should take their marketing into their own hands until they get to the point where it makes sense to hand that off to competent management, so don’t despair.

Social media for business includes more than posting and free content. It includes advertising on these networking sites as well. As you can see there can be quite a bit for social media managers to juggle. Additional thoughts on this topic.

You may not know it but having a presence on these free social sharing sites can aid your websites ranking on the front page of Google and help your Google Maps listing (also known as your Google My Business listing). This is important today because the map is typically the first thing people see when they search, and if you rank well there, you can do well even if your other SEO efforts leave something to be desired.

Additionally these maps listings show up on mobile phones where people who are searching are statistically proven to be trying to find your business. That’s what we all want, right? To tap into the traffic and hear that cash register ring?

In an effort by Google to offer the best of the best results to its users often posts or pages from sites like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube or LinkedIn can show up on the front page of Google as well.

To get these kinds of results you need to optimize your posts and your profile pages on these sites. This will help with any social media advertising you do too as in some instances quality scores matter.

Before you dive in though take some time to consider your specific social media marketing strategy before you begin. There is no reason to waste time creating profiles on social networking sites where your customers don’t interact. Traffic is the name of the game here.

Also, look at other successful businesses in your niche to see what kind of content your target market likes and interacts with. Don’t just look at likes because these can be manufactured. Look for profiles where people are engaged and leaving comments.

Any agency offering social media services will share all this information with you and more. They will help you with campaign optimization, advertising and how to accomplish all this in a way that’s just right for your business.

Once you have done the planning begin by creating profiles for your company on the major sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram and Google Plus. If you offer services to business, include LinkedIn.

We also suggest creating a few blogs as well such as WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger, LiveJournal. These can serve as a traffic source, give you additional possible front page holders, bumping your competition off the front page, and be a barrier for your site. They also help you build authority to your domain which in turn helps you rank better.

If you want help with this you know who to call!