There are some things that just work. Press release marketing is one of those things. Now, granted, they work differently than they did in previous decades to be sure, but don’t count them out. They are still a great way to let people know about newsworthy events and happenings in your business, and they have the added benefit of building very good, authority links to your website.

What’s important to know about press release services in modern days is that they aren’t just for news outlets any longer. These little write ups provided by your business can show up on the front page of Google all by themselves, making press release seo very worthwhile.

Press Release Distribution Service Georgetown TX

And if you know what you are doing they can be great content for your blogosphere, too, and fodder for your social media profiles.

In a nutshell if you incorporate this marketing strategy into your overall efforts you can gain some big rewards.

And, yes, they can still garner the attention of the coveted news outlets, which can mean additional free advertising for your Georgetown, Texas, business.

So, what do you need to know? Well, first of all you want to get the biggest bang for your buck. Look for press release distribution services that will allow you to include at least one video and an image. You also want to include links to your homepage and the page that you are trying to get traffic or link juice to. And, if possible a link or two to your social media channels wouldn’t hurt either. (By the way, Gibson Girls Marketing offers just this kind of press release distribution service, as you might have guessed!)

Take full advantage of all of that. Optimize your images, your video, your channel, your social media profiles, your home page and the page you are linking to. It all makes a difference.

And then, once your business press release is out there, build some links to it as well! These are authority sites so they will help your site’s authority.

So how do you go about writing a press release? If you use a reputable press release service they should offer this as well. We do. Essentially you are looking for topics to write about that will grab the attention of readers and news outlets. This makes the headline extremely important, but the content has to back it up.

Here are some examples of ideas you can write about:

  • New employees
  • New products
  • New services
  • New record or milestone

You can even offer helpful information in the form of a press release.

After you have it written and have thought about what video and image to include and where you want to drive traffic, think about a call to action. You have to be a little sly working this in because it cannot be a direct call to action. It must be very low key. The best way is to say that readers can get more information by going here or there.

There are some free press release distribution sites out there. They don’t offer the video and image inclusion generally, and they don’t stick around very long, so they aren’t great for a long term marketing or seo strategy. In other words, you get what you pay for.

But, if you know where to submit and take the time to make this a part of your marketing mix you can get a lot of mileage out of a PR campaign like this. And it gives you the chance to blow your own horn. That’s always fun.

Build some links to those releases. Share them on your social media sites. The quotes you write for them can make great image quotes on Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. You can even make a video that includes a link in the description pointing to the press release sites where your release is. All of this will boost the authority of your website and make all that hard work pay off. If you are interested in learning more about marketing your local company in this way, check out our webinars and ask some questions. We’ll be happy to help you get started.

So to answer your question… Yes, press release services can help your Georgetown, Texas, business.